Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Due Diligence on Apartment Building – Part 2

Compliance to accessibility laws is often overlooked by many people. Apartment buildings that are not accessible to people with disabilities easily invite discrimination lawsuit. Ignorance can lead you to penalty for fair housing laws violation and the cost of correction can be hefty.

Some items you have to check during your due diligence period:
• Clear floor space to allow wheelchair access and turning
• Doors with proper width
• The steepness of the slopes and curb ramps
• Minimum number of disabled designated parking spaces and passenger loading zones
• Reinforced walls for grab bars in the toilet, bathtub and shower stall
• Accessible locations for light switches, electrical outlets and thermostat.
• Any protruding objects that reduce the headroom clearance which are hazardous for the blinds

Beside compliance to federal laws such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act, you have to comply to the regulation of state and local jurisdiction as well.

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