Monday, June 29, 2009

Should You Invest in California or outside California? Part 2

The last article talked about the population or the demand, this article, we will talk about the supply or the land. Below are the comparison of land area and housing density for the fastest growing states.

Land Density
Source: US Census Bureau

Unlike the north east region, which is running out of land for low density development, California still has room to grow. Keep in mind, not all land are available for development. The following categories of lands are not available for housing development:
• Public land such as national or state park
• Land with slope in excess of 15%
• Wetlands
• Prime and unique farmlands
• Flood zones area
• Habitat for endangered species

In 1996, California Department of Housing and Community Development tried to determine how much lands are developable within 35 California counties. The result is only 13% of lands are developable.

California Developable Area
Source: California Department of Housing and Community Development

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