Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oklahoma City's Major Projects Despite Economic Gloom

Core to Shore
Despite economic gloom around the country, two major projects are going on in Oklahoma City. The City of Oklahoma City plans 20+ years Core to Shore project, estimated at over $3 billion of public and private investment. The project will transform the underutilized area between downtown (the “core”) and the Oklahoma River (the “shore”) into a world class design urban neighborhood.

Core to Shore plan includes the following:
• Realignment of Interstate 40 (I-40)
• Public parks and open spaces
• Hotel and convention center
• Over 3,000 housing units, ranging from single-family detached houses to residential towers
• Up to 550,000 square feet of retail space
• Offices
• Major civic buildings
• Multi-modal transportation center.

Devon Tower
Devon Energy Corp, the largest US based independent oil and gas producer, plans to construct the new corporate headquarters building in downtown Oklahoma City. Devon Tower, will be the tallest building in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. At an astounding 925 feet tall, the construction will start at fall 2009 and will be scheduled for completion at 2012. Hines will be the development manager of the 54-story, $1.9 million sq ft, $750 million tower.

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