Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nice Cash Flow or Great Appreciation?

Which one do you think is better: Nice Cash Flow or Great Appreciation? Here is my personal opinion:

Nice Cash Flow is equal to money NOW, while Great Appreciation is equal to money LATER. Do you want to receive money now or do you want to receive money later? You tell me.

Nice Cash Flow can buy you grocery and pay your bill. Great Appreciation neither pays your bill nor buys you grocery.

Usually you either have Nice Cash Flow with not so great appreciation, or Great Appreciation with not so nice cash flow (worse, negative cash flow), or something in between.

If you have both Nice Cash Flow and Great Appreciation, either you are extremely lucky or in a bubble.

Nice Cash Flow will likely be loyal and stay by your side during good and bad time. Great Appreciation doesn’t guarantee to always be there for you and may disappear as soon as the trouble comes.

Nice Cash Flow is not too sensitive to timing, while Great Appreciation is very sensitive to timing.

Nice Cash Flow tends to attract investor more, Great Appreciation tends to attract speculator more.

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