Thursday, March 12, 2009

Surprise Voice Mail from Property Manager

Last week, I received a voice mail from my property manager. I dreaded to listen to the message. I thought, “They must be asking me to replenish the reserve account for repairs”. Eventually I listened to the voice mail, and to my surprise, it said, “The tenant paid the rent all the way to June. Please let us know how you want to get the money. Do you prefer to receive it all at once or to receive it every month?” I told them that I would like to receive the rent every month as usual instead of all at once, so the accounting would look neat, clean and consistent. Well, blame on my perfectionism. Besides, I haven't earned those future rents.

Outsourcing the management duties to property manager really saves me time. Time is money. Plus, I have to confess, home maintenance and repairs are not my strength. Property management companies definitely do better job than me, and they do it full time and professionally. As a result, I am able to focus on what I do best, which is providing consultation, research and comprehensive due diligence report for my clients.

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