Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Francisco County - Tax Defaulted Properties Auction

San Francisco County will conduct tax defaulted properties auction on April 25-28, 2009. There were more than forty properties in the original list. Some of those properties have been withdrawn from the auction list or redeemed by the owners. I decided to drive by to take a look at few of them.

225 32nd Avenue, SFR, 4BR/3BA, 2,260 sq ft, built in 1959.
Located at an affluent Sea Cliff neighborhood, adjacent to Palace of the Legion of Honor, right by the Pacific Ocean. Sea Cliff is home to actor Robin Williams and Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison.
Starting bid: $19,500, $2,347,000

551 11th Avenue, SFR, 1BA, 2,150 sq ft, built in 1914. Located at Inner Richmond neighborhood, 2 blocks away from Golden Gate Park.
Starting bid: $13,500, $1,152,000

225 Diamond Street, Duplex, 3BA, 2,006 sq ft, built in 1900.
Located at Eureka Valley neighborhood, west of Castro Street.
Starting bid: $42,000, $1,190,000

6 Starview Way, SFR, 2BR/1BA, 1,187 sq ft, built in 1900.
Cornet lot, located at Midtown Terrace neighborhood, west of Twin Peaks
Starting bid: $22,000, $841,000

1357 Plymouth Avenue, SFR, 1BA, 1,296 sq ft, built in 1919.
Located at Westwood Park neighborhood. Close to San Francisco City College and Balboa Park BART station.
Starting bid: $77,500, $709,000

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