Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Transit Oriented Rental Properties

Investors who are seriously looking to invest in rental property, should understand well the difference between a tenant’s perspective and a homeowner’s perspective. Tenant is looking for convenience, while homeowner is looking for a nice and peaceful place to settle down or to raise a family. Tenant often prefers a place close to grocery, public transportation or easy access to major highways. Homeowner doesn't mind to buy a house in far away location in exchange for a bigger space for his/her family within the price range that s/he can afford.

A property close enough to public transportation, will make a good rental property, as long as not too close that it will be too noisy for the resident. An interesting area to watch out is President Obama’s administration’s proposal of $8 billion federal stimulus money to build high-speed rail (HSR) system in ten designated high-speed rail corridors across country.
Even though this plan has invited controversy from multiples parties, I would like to keep my eyes on properties located around the proposed high-speed rail lines. Of course the price has to make sense, which means the property has to be able to generate acceptable cash-on-cash return, so in case there is any change with Obama’s plan, you won’t be screwed.

Where are the ten corridors for proposed high-speed rail?
• Pacific Northwest
• California
• South Central
• Chicago Hub Network
• Northern New England
• Empire
• Keystone
• Southeast
• Gulf Coast
• Florida

See the map below for more detail.

High-Speed Rail Map
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